Pauline Kerwath


bio-paulinePauline Kerwath joined Circle Safety in 2005, and serves behind the scenes as Office Manager. A published story writer, she has also written technical instruction materials; brochures and advertising copy; and more than twelve novels. Her articles, essays, and interviews for the Native American community, including personal life stories of the elders, have been published privately and in newsletters. In addition, she has extensive medical and scientific editing experience.

Her lifelong interests include preserving and respecting Native American cultures and traditions, protecting sacred sites, and defending wildlife and wilderness areas. She takes part in helping the Lakota reservations through various programs; organizes fundraisers, awareness programs and letter-writing campaigns for Leonard Peltier; and organizes local clothing, book, and toy drives in support of his annual Gift Drive for the Pine Ridge Reservation.

At Circle Safety, Pauline assists clients and consultants, reviews our technical writing, and manages our accounts and records. She is a Notary Public and also serves as HR manager.

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