Safety Audits

Circle Safety & Health Consultants specializes in performing a wide range of safety audits and risk assessments at your location. Our experienced consultants inspect your workplace and document any areas not in compliance with OSHA/VOSH or other voluntary corporate standards.

Then we review our findings with you, advise best-practice industry standards, and interpret any questions you may have about how OSHA construction and general industry standards apply to your workplace.

A Safety Audit from Circle Safety offers the following benefits:

  • Find and fix areas of non-compliance before you get fined by OSHA/VOSH
  • Determine which corporate policies are not being followed or enforced
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Obtain written documentation that proves your commitment to safety
  • Reduce worker downtime

Once our safety audit has concluded, we will provide photographic and written documentation of our findings and recommendations.

These documents will enable you to correct any problem areas, track progress, and provide proof of your organization’s dedication to safety.

We evaluate chemical hazards, noise exposure, and other complex workplace hazards. Our audits include sampling for chemicals, air quality, and noise to ensure compliance with standards.

Find Safety Audit Services Near You

Circle Safety provides your business with a comprehensive safety audit that improves workplace and worker safety while ensuring that your company remains in compliance with OSHA/VOSH. We offer safety audit services in the following areas:

  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • Washington, D.C.
  • D.C. Metropolitan Area
Facility Safety Inspection
Laboratory Safety Inspection
Construction Site Inspection
Warehouse Safety Inspection
Employee using a respirator for protection
Hazard Assessments
Plant Safety Inspection

Safety Audits, Analysis, and Assessments

Safety Audit

We will audit your workplace and document areas of non-compliance


We will take notes and photographic evidence as we perform our audit.


We can evaluate noise exposure, chemical hazards, and other workplace safety issues.

Safety Program Analysis & Risk Assessment

We offer a broad range of on-site safety analyses and assessments.

Safety Mentoring

We offer a unique safety mentoring program to provide on-the-job training for your dedicated safety coordinators.


We will sit down with you to review our findings and answer any questions you might have.

“Very impressed with their capabilities. Glad to find a local firm that can handle site-safety / industrial hygiene issues at a high level.”

– Major K.

Need a Safety Audit or Risk Assessment Analysis?

Get in touch with Circle Safety to learn how we can help you with your safety audit and risk assessments needs. We will provide you with documentation and professional recommendations to ensure compliance and continued worker safety.

Memberships & Associations

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