Competent Person Training

Circle Safety & Health Consultants provides customized safety training for a broad range of topics allowing you to meet the intent of OSHA’s Designated Competent Person. Typical course subjects include but are not limited to Fall Protection, Scaffolding Safety, Trenching & Excavation, and Confined Space.

Our competent person training classes offer the following benefits:

  • Highly qualified instructors
  • Easy-to-understand class materials
  • In-depth instruction
  • Flexible classrooms—You can come to our training center, or we’ll come to your office/job site.
  • Copyright to our PowerPoint presentations so that your organization can use them as you see fit.

For General Contractors—the combination of our Safety Leadership Training for Supervisors along with the completion of an OSHA 30-Hour makes a strong case for supervisors and superintendents fulfilling the competent person role on job sites.

OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Outreach

Circle Safety & Health Consultants’ trainers are authorized by OSHA to provide both the Construction and General Industry OSHA 10- and OSHA-30 Hour Outreach Safety Training classes. Topics covered address the workplace safety needs of each individual client. Participants receive wallet-sized completion cards issued by the OSHA Training Institute, and the employer receives the necessary training documentation.

Our comprehensive OSHA 10- and OSHA 30-Hour classes can be conducted at our centrally located training facility in Richmond, or we can travel to your location for onsite instruction with our multimedia presentations.

Two hands applying CPR techniques to a training dummy

First Aid/CPR/AED Training

Circle Safety & Health Consultants offers Workplace First Aid, CPR, & AED training using Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) training materials. This training is OSHA- recognized, and students receive completion cards that are good for two years. To ensure that you are always up-to-date, we keep records of training and will notify you when refresher courses are necessary.

Each Organization is Unique

We understand that each organization is unique, and our Circle Safety & Health Consultants experts develop safety classes to address your organization’s goals and needs. We create PowerPoint presentations and class materials just for you and include hands-on demonstrations and exercises where practical.

Confined Space

  • Identify “Confined Space”
  • Determine if a permit is needed
  • Learn about basic rescue and safety
  • Knowledge and understanding of equipment
Competent person training, fall protection

Fall Protection Competent Person Training

  • Avoiding falls and identifying hazards
  • Safety equipment inspection
  • How and when to use fall protection equipment
Competent person training, scaffold training

Scaffold Competent Person Training

  • How to identify types of scaffolding
  • Usage and inspection of safety equipment
  • Learn about OSHA requirements
  • Learn safe usage of scaffolding
Competent person training, trenching and excavating

Trenching & Excavation Competent Person Training

  • Identify existing and predictable hazards
  • Excavation inspections
  • Usage and inspection of safety gear
Competent person training, silica safety

Silica Competent Person Training

  • Learn about respirable crystalline silica
  • Understand silica hazards
  • Personal protection equipment usage
  • Employer responsibilities and employee rights

Forklift Competent Person Training

  • How to safely operate a forklift
  • Learn about potential hazards
  • How to operate on a raised dock
Competent person training, PPW requirements


  • Learn about OSHA PPE requirements
  • How to safely wear PPE
  • Learn how to avoid hazards
  • How to identify broken PPE
Competent person training, lockout tag training

Lockout/Tagout Training

  • Lockout/tagout devices
  • Lockout/tagout procedures
  • Lockout/tagout workplace safety

Asbestos Awareness Training

  • Learn about asbestos in the workplace
  • Asbestos remediation
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Learn about asbestos health effects
Competent person training, lead awareness

Lead Awareness Training

  • Discuss health effects of lead
  • How to protect against lead exposure
  • Symptoms and signs of lead poisoning
Competent person training, rigging safety

Rigging Competent Person Training

  • Inspection and maintenance procedures
  • How to safely operate rigging
  • Learn about potential safety hazards
  • Learn about different types of rigging

Electrical Safety Awareness Training

  • Learn how to identify potential safety hazards
  • How to wear and inspect PPE
  • Learn about the dangers of electrical hazards

What’s Included with Competent Person Training?

User-Friendly Class Materials

Your workers will get comprehensive class materials that cover all aspects of OSHA Competent Person training. Course materials are in plain English without confusing terminology.

Qualified Instructors

Our trusted, vetted, and highly qualified instructors will ensure that your workers receive proper instruction and training.

Flexible Classrooms

We can hold our training classes at our many offices or a job site or location of your designation.

Comprehensive Classes

We’ll thoroughly cover all aspects of each training session to ensure attendees are highly knowledgeable and can identify and remediate potentially dangerous situations.

“Very impressed with their capabilities. Glad to find a local firm that can handle site-safety / industrial hygiene issues at a high level.”

– Major K.

Need Competent Person Training?

Circle Safety & Health Consultants provides customized safety training classes, including competent person training to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our clients range in industries, from the commercial, industrial, public, general contracting, and more. Live training is provided at your location or our convenient training facility.

See Current Class Times or Contact Us for more information.

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