Circle Safety & Health Consultants works with a variety of industries and organizations to provide Safety & Health Management programs including developing safety and health policies and procedures, safety plans and manuals to organizations looking ideas on how to keep from experienced safety and health professionals.

Some of our services include:

  • Policy & Procedures Development
  • Third-Party Compliance Auditing
  • Safety Committee and Team Development

Policy & Procedures Development

The starting point for an effective occupational safety and health system is a strong management commitment. This is evidenced by the quality of the organization’s safety and health policy and procedures.

Circle Safety & Health Consultants has extensive experience developing safety and health policies and procedures for private and public sector organizations of all sizes, for every major type of employment. We produce well-researched, comprehensive safety and health manuals, safety plans, work procedures, activity hazard analyses, as well as accident/incident prevention forms.

Our clients frequently ask us to develop policies and procedures while we are conducting safety audits and building safety teams. The process of auditing for hazards and addressing compliance issues is an excellent way to gain a comprehensive overview of your organization and its specific safety concerns. Building safety teams sheds light on your organization’s integrated systems and workflow.

Compliance auditing richmond vaThird-Party Compliance Auditing

Is your organization interested in a third-party compliance audit? Does your company value the advantages of an independent, non-biased auditor? Does your organization desire new ideas from experienced safety and health professionals?

This type of audit may be required by contractual obligations, needed to ensure regulatory compliance, or as part of due diligence required for an acquisition. Circle Safety & Health Consultants has broad experience in conducting third-party health and safety audits. What is more, Circle Safety & Health Consultants has conducted research and analysis in an original study as to the effectiveness and efficacy of varying sources of third-party audits. Not all sources are created equal.

Our Circle Safety & Health Consultants experts will analyze all aspects of your Occupational Safety and Health management program, comparing it to the requirements of federal, state, and local regulation and industry best-practice. We will design an audit that meets your needs ranging from worksite hazard identification only to a comprehensive evaluation of all safety and health practices and procedures, including prioritization for corrective action.

Safety Committee and Team Development

Employee involvement has been shown to be critical in the development of a world class safety and health system. Gaining employee involvement can be done in many ways, but a good Safety Committee or Safety Team System is an excellent way to get started.

Team work, effective work teams, and team building are popular topics in today’s organizations. Successful teams and team work fuel the accomplishment of your strategic goals. Effective work teams magnify the accomplishments of individuals and enable you to better serve customers. Here at Circle Safety & Health Consultants we can help you accomplish these strategic goals to build effective team work.

Circle Safety & Health Consultants can help you develop your Safety Committee by assisting you in the selection of the membership, the development of goals and objectives, and training the team members. We can assist you in the evaluation of committees and teams that do not appear to be working and get them back on track.

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