Chemical Exposure And Management Worries Workers

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) recently released their first-ever State of the EH&S Industry report.

Survey results showed a significant number of concerns regarding exposure and management of chemicals.  Those whose provided additional details cited their top concern was exposure, followed by ergonomic stressors, chemical management, air quality and a variety of other hazards.

In telling follow-up questions about how to improve, the top three answers included:

  • 32.1% of respondents indicating the answer lies in more executive support and leadership
  • 21% of respondents answered better training and educational programs for employees
  • 21% answered more investment in technology was needed to help detect risks

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What Does This Mean?

Employees want to stay safe and perform safe practices on the job site, but lacking the proper support or training may not feel confident in their ability to do so, or confident their management team provides the necessary policies or training.

Much of this stems from having a viable safety culture or safety climate in your organization.  If workers don’t believe their management team values safety culture and climate they are more likely to not speak up if they say an unsafe practice or be willing to suggest change.  The underlying result is workers who don’t feel supported, or even unsafe in the workplace.

How Can You Improve Your Safety Culture & Climate?

First – it is important to understand the difference between the two terms Safety Culture and Safety Climate.

Second – If you don’t have a clear picture of the safety culture and climate within your operation you need to find out.

Contact Circle Safety & Health Consultants and ask about our Safety Culture Survey to find out exactly what your operation’s safety culture is like and how to make it even better.

You may be surprised by the results, study after study shows managers perceive their safety climate is fine, but their workers have different opinions.  That kind of disconnect often leads to a poor safety culture and accidents which could easily have been avoided.

The right safety training can ensures everyone is on the same page when it comes to chemical and other safety protocols.  We provide a wide range of innovative safety courses which are cost-effective and life-changing, offering training suitable for all levels – from the board room to the shop floor, for all industries and business sectors.

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