Warehouse Safety Inspection

Warehouse safety inspections from Circle Safety will reduce the risk of industrial accidents and help ensure adherence to OSHA/VOSH regulations. Our experienced and highly-trained safety inspectors will walk through your warehouse, identify hazards, and check the required paperwork.


After our inspection, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report that includes photos, positive and negative findings, and the relevant standards for any violations along with our expert recommendations. We will tailor our audits to your specific needs and can perform them on a regular or as-needed basis. Contact us below to learn more about the value you’ll get from a warehouse inspection.

How We Can Help You with Warehouse Safety

Improved Safety

Warehouses are a hustle and bustle of activity—and accidents can occur in a flash. We’ll identify potential hazards and show you how to mitigate them.

A Fresh Perspective

Our inspectors will provide a fresh safety perspective. We might catch a few violations or unsafe conditions that have gone overlooked for years.

OSHA/VOSH Compliance

An unscheduled OSHA or VOSH visit can send waves of panic through an unprepared warehouse. We’ll help you get and stay ready for an impromptu inspection.

What’s Included in a Warehouse Safety Inspection

Comprehensive Documentation

After we walk through your warehouse, we’ll put together a report that includes our findings and photographic documentation.

Forklift Review

Are your forklifts in safe and good operating condition? Our inspectors will look for potential safety issues or violations.

Loading Dock Review

How safe are your docks? We’ll look for hidden issues that could cause an industrial accident or damage to your products.

Expert Recommendations

In addition to our findings, we’ll also provide our expert recommendations on how to resolve any safety issues we’ve found.

Questions and Answers

We’re here to help—and answer any questions that you may have. Our inspectors will sit down with team leads or management to address any questions or concerns they may have.

PPE Inspection

We’ll inspect the safety gear that your warehouse workers use—including gloves, eye protection, hard hats, back braces, etc.

Circle Safety is here to help your warehouse improve safety and avoid a costly industrial accident. Contact us below to learn more and set up an appointment.

Industries & Facilities We Support

We work with a wide range of warehouses, including:

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Automotive warehouses
  • Pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Aerospace warehouses
  • Industrial warehouses
laboratories and other non-manufacturing facilities benefit from regular facility safety inspections

Non-Manufacturing Facilities

  • eCommerce Warehouses
  • Freight Forwarding warehouses
  • Cold storage warehouses
female worker takes a water sample in in a wastewater treatment plant where regular facility safety inspections are recommended

Government/Civic Facilities

  • Power & Water Treatment Plants
  • Military Facilities
  • State Projects & Facilities
  • Federal Government Projects & Facilities
  • Marine Terminals & Ports
  • Transportation Facilities

“Very impressed with their capabilities. Glad to find a local firm that can handle site-safety / industrial hygiene issues at a high level.”

– Major K.

Frequently Asked Questions About Warehouse Safety Inspections

Other Ways We Can Support You

Employee using a respirator for protection

Hazard Assessments

Ensure OSHA and other regulatory compliance with hazard assessments from the experts at Circle Safety.

proper forklift training is key to warehouse safety

Forklift Training

Circle Safety provides forklift training to enable your staff to achieve the certification needed to be OSHA compliant.

Competent Person Training

Get customized safety training for a broad range of topics allowing you to meet the intent of OSHA’s Designated Competent Person.

Need Warehouse Safety Inspection Assistance?

  Let us help your business get in compliance and improve the safety of your workplace.

Memberships & Associations

See our full class and training schedule including OSHA, First Aid, CPR & AED SEE SCHEDULE