Office Safety Training

Circle Safety & Health Consultants conduct office safety training on-site, at your facility. Our highly trained and certified instructors will cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Hand, back, and wrist ergonomics
  • Computer monitor eye safety
  • Chemical/electrical fire hazards
  • Evacuation
  • Walking/working surfaces
  • Storage practices

Office safety training from Circle Safety will help improve employee safety, reduce risk/liability, and allow your company or organization to get in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory agencies. We tailor our training courses to meet the specific needs of your business. 

We highly recommend this training course for any organization with offices. Office safety training can serve many businesses from construction and manufacturing offices to banks and call centers. Office workers, their supervisors, and individuals in charge of office maintenance benefit immensely from this training course.

Benefits of Office Safety Training

Save Money

Worker injuries and sick days cost companies millions of dollars every year. Office safety training can help reduce the number of accidents and prevent costly worker’s compensation claims.

Safer Workplace

Workers throwing out their backs from improper lifting techniques and carpal tunnel syndrome are just two of the many hidden hazards of a modern office. Give your employees the training they need to be safe.

Increase Productivity

When office safety improves, so does employee productivity. Workers  well-versed in office safety are more mindful, motivated, and satisfied with their jobs.

What’s included in office safety training?

Qualified Instructors

Our highly-trained and qualified instructors will provide your office workers with a comprehensive training session.

Increased Safety Awareness

Hidden dangers abound in the modern-day office. Our training course will empower your office workers to proactively identify and flag potential safety issues.

High-Quality Classroom Materials

We only use high-quality classroom training materials to ensure that every attendee gets the most out of this course.

Customized Training Programs

Every office is a little bit different—this is why we customize our office safety training course to meet the needs of your business.

Emergency Education

The clock starts ticking when an emergency occurs. Our training courses will teach your office workers precisely what to do for various emergency scenarios.

Certificate of Completion

We will present each attendee with a certificate of completion. Employers will receive attendance sheets, forms, tests, and other pertinent information for their records.

Office safety training from Circle Safety will help keep your employees safe, healthy, and informed. Click the button below for more information.

Industries & Facilities We Support

Circle Safety provides office safety training for a wide variety of industries. Below are just a few of the ones we serve. If yours isn’t on the list, we can custom-tailor a training course to meet your exact needs.

Construction Companies

  • General contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
laboratories and other non-manufacturing facilities benefit from regular facility safety inspections

Non-Manufacturing Offices

  • Laboratories
  • Freight forwarding
  • Packing facilities
female worker takes a water sample in in a wastewater treatment plant where regular facility safety inspections are recommended

Government/Civic Offices

  • Power plants
  • Military
  • State
  • Federal government

“You and Circle Safety are our go-to for classes we need.”

Richmond (Area) Virginia Manufacturer

Office Safety Training Frequently Asked Questions

Each student will receive a certificate of completion. The client will receive copies of the attendance sheet, course materials, and the certificates issued to the students. In addition, they will receive the tests (if we give one) and the course evaluation forms.

Other Ways Circle Safety Can Support You

a person performs CPR training on a dummy

Workplace First Aid Training

We offer First Aid, CPR, and AED training courses that will empower your office workers to provide care until first responder help arrives.

OSHA safety training is essential for construction and non-construction workers

OSHA Safety Training

Circle Safety will conduct OSHA 10-Hour and OSHA 30-Hour classes at our offices or yours. Non-construction employees such as Supervisors are encouraged to attend.

Competent Person Training

This training course will allow participants to meet the definition of OSHA’s Designated Competent Person.

Need Office Safety Training Assistance?

   Let us help your business get in compliance and improve the safety of your workplace.

Memberships & Associations

See our full class and training schedule including OSHA, First Aid, CPR & AED SEE SCHEDULE