Why Is An ABIH Certification Important?

The goal of industrial hygiene (also known as occupational hygiene) is to protect the health and safety of people in the workplace and the community – which is no small task.  An industrial hygienist performs and manages services including:

  • Evaluating your workplace and surrounding community for chemical, physical and biological hazards
  • Developing recommendations and a plan to control situations that could pose a threat to workers or the surrounding community
  • Conducting research and providing findings on potentially harmful conditions such as poor air quality or exposure to chemicals
  • Ensuring federal, state, local laws, and OSHA regulations are being followed
  • Providing training to minimize job-related risks and ensure workers can properly follow the recommended health and safety procedures

Industrial Hygiene sampling virginiaIndustrial hygienists, or IH, are experts who have earned degrees in engineering, chemistry, physics, or a closely related biological or physical science and have additional years of field experience.  Some industrial hygienists choose to take their expertise to a higher level and achieve certification though the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

Earning a certification can be a rigorous process and can only be earned by those with the right education, work experience and industry knowledge.

This certification is important as it ensures your occupational hygiene studies and reports reflect accurate results, sound recommendations, compliance with regulations and industry best practices to keep your employees and the community safe.

There are many companies and health consultants who provide IH services, but not all utilize board certified industrial hygienists.  Some may have an non-certified industrial hygienist perform work and only have the final report reviewed and signed by a certified industrial hygienist.

Circle Safety & Health Consultants takes IH very seriously.  Industrial hygiene is an important part of what we do and we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate evaluation and reports to ensure safety and compliance.  Our IH team is comprised only of certified industrial hygienists who manage the process from start to finish.

Read more about our IH services or contact us for more information about industrial hygiene services in the Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina areas.

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