National Safety Stand-Down (Construction Falls)

Did you know that 7 million U.S. construction workers visit job sites each day? While safety protocols and procedures have improved across nearly every category, construction workers still face many risks on a day-to-day basis. Check out this great new Safety Guide from the Lanier Law Firm for more info and tips on keeping construction workers safe.

Create Your Safety Stand-Down

Companies of all sizes are encouraged to participate in the National Safety Stand-Down. To participate, companies can plan a variety of events such as a Toolbox Talk, conduct safety equipment inspections, develop/update rescue plans, review safety policies and procedures, create/improve inspection checklists, or discuss fall hazards specific to jobsites. OSHA has free resources such as posters, safety videos, quizzes, and lesson plans to help guide and inspire your Safety Stand-Down. Please visit this OSHA website for more information.

Engage Your Employees

When preparing your company’s Safety Stand-Down, it is important to create an engaging event. Hands-on exercises like checking equipment or walking through the jobsite can increase retention of important safety information. Encourage participation by asking your workers to share their experiences, concerns, and suggestions. Be receptive and positive to their feedback and make changes to your Fall Protection program as appropriate. Their comments can provide valuable insight into your company’s safety culture.

OSHA is also hosting free events nationwide. To find an event near you, please go to the Stop Falls Stand Down Website.

OSHA Certificate of Participation

The National Safety Stand-Down provides a focus for companies to evaluate their safety policies, goals, and expectations. If your company participates, please go to the NCS website to learn more.

Fall Prevention Program

This is a great opportunity to review your company’s Fall Prevention Program. Consider your company’s specific fall protection concerns and requirements. If you need help creating, updating, or customizing your Fall Prevention Program (or any other safety program), please contact Bob Thompson at (804)355-7255 for more information. Your Fall Prevention Program should include topics like responsibilities, managing elevated work, discussion and guidelines of PPE and PFAS, Safety Net Systems, Controlled Access Zones, and more.

Fall Protection Training

Safety Stand-Down also serves as a reminder to stay up-to-date with your employees’ Fall Protection training. If your company needs safety training or refreshers, please call 804-355-7255 for class information and availability.


Memberships & Associations

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