Trenching & Excavation Competent Person Training

Trenching and excavation operations are two of the most dangerous areas of a job site. This is why OSHA requires a designated “competent person” to be present when trenching or excavations are underway. A competent person is trained and is responsible for ensuring that work is performed according to OSHA standards.

Circle Safety & Health offers a Trenching & Excavation Competent Person Training Course ideal for construction supervisors, site superintendents, and site safety officers. The class will educate them on how to safely manage trenching and excavation work while being able to identify unsafe situations. Upon completion, attendees will receive a certificate that satisfies OSHA’s requirements.

Benefits of Trenching & Excavation Competent Person Training

Improved Job Site Safety

Cave-ins can happen in the blink of an eye. Having a trained, competent person present can significantly reduce the risk of a job site accident.

Decreased Workers’ Comp Claims

In addition to costing a lot of money, workers’ compensation claims can lower your overall safety rating and negatively impact the chance of landing future jobs.

OSHA Compliance

OSHA requires a competent person to be present whenever trenching and excavation operations are underway. Fines for non-compliance can be very high.

What’s Included in Trenching & Excavation Competent Person Training?

Regulation Education

Students will learn OSHA regulations governing trenching operations, hazards found during trenching operations, the use of trenching protective systems, and the role of the competent person on job sites.

Trenching & Excavation Best Practices

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to protect workers engaged in trenching operations, soil testing, hazard analysis, and selecting protective systems.

Quality Training Materials

Our instructors use and distribute high-quality classroom training materials to assist in learning.

Experienced Instructors

Circle Safety pulls from a pool of vetting, trained, and experienced classroom instructors who will provide a comprehensive learning environment.

How to Classify Soils

Training course attendees will be able to identify three types of soil (Type A, Type B, and Type C) that will help prevent cave-ins and ensure a safer work environment.

Classroom Flexibility

We can send our instructors to your job site or conduct competent person training at our classroom in our centrally located Richmond, VA office.

Reduce the chances of excavation or trench cave-ins and get in compliance with OSHA regulations. Contact us below to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions Trenching & Excavation Competent Person Training

The class will take around five hours to complete.

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