Supervisor Safety Training

The Supervisor Leadership Training Course from Circle Safety provides construction supervisors and superintendents with a better understanding of their role in creating and maintaining a safe worksite. They will learn their rights and responsibilities during an OSHA/VOSH inspection. This class is highly beneficial for those who are newly assigned to the position.

Our trained and certified safety instructors will provide Supervisor Safety Training at our classroom in Richmond, VA., or at your job site/office.

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Benefits of Supervisor Safety Training

Increased Confidence

The course will increase the supervisor’s confidence in identifying and dealing with safety issues at their job site.

OSHA/VOSH Compliance

Supervisors will gain a deeper understanding of the regulatory process and their role in keeping the company in compliance.

Improved Job Competency

Class attendees will better understand the roles and responsibilities of the construction supervisor and the site superintendent.

What’s Included in Supervisor Safety Training?

How to Conduct Jobsite Safety Inspections

The training course teaches students the actual costs of accidents and how to conduct a job site safety inspection.

How to Deal With OSHA

Attendees will learn the recommended way for dealing with an OSHA Inspection. The course will also cover OSHA’s definition of a “competent person.”

Qualified Instructors

Our highly-trained and experienced instructors provide an instructional environment that fosters learning.

Certification & Documentation

Students will receive a certificate of completion, and we will provide the employer with a copy of the training roster, certificates, quizzes, and course evaluations.

High-Quality Learning Resources

Our class instructors use high-quality training materials to facilitate the learning process. Students can keep the classroom materials for future reference.

Flexible Training Locations

We can conduct training classes at our classroom in Richmond, VA or your job site/office.

Supervisor Safety Training will empower construction supervisors and superintendents with deeper insights into establishing a safer job site and work environment. They will also learn how to deal effectively with OSHA and VOSH. Contact us below to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Supervisor Safety Training

The class takes around four hours to complete.

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Need Supervisor Safety Training Assistance?

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