What Is Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial Hygiene refers to the practice of evaluating a work environment to anticipate and prevent factors that  could cause sickness, stress or negatively impact an employees health and well being.

Industrial Hygienists, like those at Circle Safety & Health Consultants, will analyze exposure levels, worker’s tasks and where they are performed to identify potential risks such as poor air quality, high noise levels, injury from repetitive motions or other factors that can impact a worker’s health.  The industrial hygienist then develops a plan to limit factors that could cause harm and actions to correct them.

The recommendations provided are based on mandatory occupational safety and health requirements from OSHA. These could include limiting or replacing toxic materials, enclosing certain areas, increasing ventilation, wearing protective equipment like safety goggles and helmets in certain areas or limiting exposure to loud noises or vibrations.

This video from the American Industrial Hygiene Association outlines the practice of industrial hygiene and why it is critical to keeping employees and the community safe.

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