Workplace Safety Culture: Why It Matters

Creating a positive workplace culture can have a big impact on your business. Reports indicate companies with happy employees outperform their competition by as much as 20%.  Happy employees are also more productive  and likely to help a company reach their strategic goals.

But safety culture is just as important to creating a happy, healthy work environment.

Safety Culture isn’t just a poster hung on the wall with mandated steps to stay safe.  It is a company-wide emphasis on putting safety first – a work environment that promotes best practices, encourages employees to look out for each other, the ability to suggest changes and being confident to speak up if they see unsafe or dangerous practices.

Safety culture must be adopted by the employees in your organization and know that the company and supervisors truly care about keeping them safe.

So how do you create an effective workplace safety culture?  There are many factors, but employee involvement and developing effective teams are critical.

The first part of developing an effective safety culture program is to analyze and find out what, if any, safety culture currently exists in your workplace.

Do you know how your employees feel about the current level of safety, are there practices that concern them, are they comfortable speaking up if they see something potentially dangerous or have an opinion on how to improve safety?

Watch our video and learn how the right kind of Safety Culture evaluation and training can make a big difference for everyone in your company.

Circle Safety & Health has helped dozens of companies build an effective safety culture program.  We can evaluate the current culture and practices in your organization and develop a comprehensive, effective program to implement improvements while focusing on building effective teams.



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