Respiratory Protection Training and Qualitative Fit Tests

“If you use a respirator at work, you must be trained at least every 12 months. This annual retraining will refresh your memory on the information and skills you need to use a respirator correctly. It gives you a chance to practice with a respirator and to ask questions and discuss worksite-specific respirator use with your instructor.”           

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Are your workers now being required to wear respirators on jobsites?

Many customers are now requiring the wearing of N95 type respirators in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in occupied buildings where you may be performing work.  This is particularly true of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Circle Safety & Health Consultants can help you comply with OSHA and VOSH standards by providing:

Respiratory Protection Written Programs
Respiratory Protection Training
Qualitative Fit Tests

Note:  OSHA approved medical clearance must be provided for all participants receiving respirator fit tests.  Go to this website for an online option for medical clearance:  


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