Top Ten Violations for 2019

Every year, OSHA publishes a list of its top ten most frequently cited standard violations. Even though these numbers only reflect the violations as of August 15th this year, there have already been over 245 respiratory protection violations and 140 PPE violations per month in 2019.

Most companies think that they have sufficient safety practice; however, the numbers do not support that belief. How confident are you in your company’s safety training, policies, and practice?

Hopefully, this list can help raise awareness and improve safety on your jobsites.

1. Fall Protection

  • Standard: 1926.501
  • Violations: 6,010

Fall protection remains in first place and has consecutively since 2010.

2. Hazard Communication

  • Standard: 1910.1200
  • Violations: 3,671

3. Scaffolds

  • Standard: 1926.451
  • Violations: 2,813

4. Lockout/Tagout

  • Standard: 1910.147
  • Violations: 2,606

Lockout/Tagout has climbed from fifth last year. How is this standard on your jobsites?

5. Respiratory Protection

  • Standard: 1910.134
  • Violations: 2,450

6. Ladders

  • Standard: 1926.1053
  • Violations: 2,345

7. Powered Industrial Trucks

  • Standard: 1910.178
  • Violations: 2,093

8. Fall Protection

  • Standard: 1926.503
  • Violations: 1,773

9. Machine Guarding

  • Standard: 1910.212
  • Violations: 1,743

10. Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment – Eye and Face Protection

  • Standard: 1926.95
  • Violations: 1,411

In December, the final number of violations for 2019 will be published by OSHA and the National Safety Council.

These violations are expensive.

With the annual rise of penalties by the Department of Labor as required by the Inflation Adjustment Act, making safety a priority saves money. The following fines increase every year:

  • Maximum fine per serious violation: $13,260
  • Willful violation: $132,598
  • Repeat: $132,598
  • Other-than-serious: $13,260
  • Failure to abate: $13,250

Safety training and safe jobsite practices can save your company thousands of dollars in fines. We offer training in OSHA Outreach, MSHA, Competent Person training, First Aid/CPR/AED, and more. Please contact Pauline at (804)201-4515 or email at for questions regarding scheduling and costs.

These violations are almost always preventable.

Almost all jobsite injuries and fatalities are preventable. Keep your workers and the public safe through proper safety training and jobsite practices. By making safety a priority, your company saves money, keeps your workers safe, and protects your company’s reputation in the community.

To improve your company’s safety, please contact Circle Safety and Health Consultants, LLC. In addition to safety training, we provide a wide range of safety services tailored to your company’s needs such as safety audits, Industrial Hygiene Services, Safety and Health Management, customized safety manuals, and more.

Please contact Pauline at (804)201-4515 or email at for more information.

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